Application advice

Our recruitment process

We aim to make our recruitment process as seamless as possible for our internal staff. Here’s an overview of the typical steps involved:

  • Begin by filling out our initial application form, which allows you to provide your personal details, skills, and experience. You also have the option to upload your CV and a cover letter to support your application. Take a look at our application hints and tips below for guidance.
  • If the hiring manager wants to learn more about you, we'll invite you to a Teams or face-to-face interview. During this interview, we'll ask a series of value and skills-based questions to assess your suitability for the role. Depending on the position, you may be asked to participate in additional interviews or assessments, such as skills-based tasks, a written assessment, a presentation, or psychometric testing.
  • If your application isn't progressed, we'll notify you via email. However, we encourage you to stay connected by signing up for job alerts and considering future applications.
  • After the interview, we'll contact you to inform you whether you've successfully moved to the next round or, for certain roles, received a formal offer.
  • If your interview is unsuccessful, we'll notify you and, upon request, provide feedback to assist you in your future endeavors.
  • When an offer is extended, we'll reach out to discuss potential start dates, taking into consideration any pre-employment checks and notice periods with your current role.
  • Prior to your start date, we'll conduct any necessary checks, including any required DBS checks, and proof of qualifications relevant to the role.
  • Your new manager will contact you before your start date to guide you through your first day and the induction plan, ensuring that any questions you may have are answered.

Application tips

Ready to discover your next opportunity? We believe in giving everyone a chance to stand out in the crowd. Check out our helpful hints and tips to enhance your application.

Research and Preparation

Before starting your application, take some time to gather the necessary information about the role and yourself to make your application shine. Take note of the skills and personal attributes mentioned in the job advertisement and description, and relate them to your own achievements.

Investing time in researching Buckinghamshire Council is also valuable, even if you think you know lots about Buckinghamshire already. Explore our website to familiarise yourself with our objectives, values, corporate plans, and priorities.

When crafting your application, remember to include relevant examples that highlight your accomplishments, demonstrating the skills, knowledge, and experiences required for the role. Provide a brief description of the situation, the actions you took, and the outcome.

Remember, if you’ve applied for a role with us before, you can re-use previous applications, and re-upload your CV to pre-populate our application form.

Your CV

When it comes to writing your CV, we suggest using a template. There are numerous CV templates available online that cover the essential points. Ensure that your text is well-presented with the use of bullet points, paragraphs, and headings. Tailor your CV to include recent examples that are directly relevant to the role. Importantly, take advantage of social media – nowadays, LinkedIn serves as an extension of your CV! Create a profile and keep it regularly updated.

The interview

Congratulations! Now it's time to gear up for your upcoming interview. We had the opportunity to speak with Buckinghamshire Council's Resourcing team, who generously shared their invaluable tips to assist you in your preparation. Don't miss out on this insightful video.

Contact us

Our Resourcing team are on hand to answer your questions. Email [email protected].